My name is Alaina, I live and work and make art on San Juan Island, WA. When I'm not in the studio I'm either working one of my three jobs, going to therapy, enjoying a run by the ocean, or connecting with dear ones.

As a recent grad of Western Washington University, I am fresh out of the studios with two degrees and a minor: Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies*, and Art History.

In regards to the "traditional" fine arts, I love working with multiple mediums, including relief printmaking, painting (gouache, acrylic), drawing, and fibers. I also love and have experience with design : creating websites, fonts, layouts, and hand-lettering. And sometimes, I dabble in photography. Feel free to check out my gallery to see some of my latest work!

If you have an idea up your sleeve and want to collaborate, or are interested in purchasing my work, feel free to reach out!

Thank you for stopping by. 





Cover Portrait by Cere Demuth.

 © 2020 by  Alaina Scheffer.