My name is Alaina, I live and work and make art on San Juan Island, WA. When I'm not in the studio I'm either at my day job or by the ocean with friends.


I love working in a variety of mediums - oil painting, gouache and watercolor, relief printmaking, fibers, and occasionally dabbling in the digital realm. I create work ranging from the simple serene to the ideologically critical, I can never quite stick with one avenue. Art is filled with multitudes and so are we. My personal work is an attempt to reflect that. 

In the more practical world, I am a freelance artist and graphic designer, often providing hand-lettering and website work to local businesses here on San Juan Island.

You can find my latest work on my PORTFOLIO page.

If you have an idea up your sleeve and want to collaborate, or are interested in purchasing my work, feel free to reach out!

Thank you for stopping by. 





Cover Portrait by Cere Demuth.