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As a multi-media artist I currently work in: oil, gouache, colored pencil, relief printing, drawing, and digital design. Each medium has its place and purpose in my work, and I have never been able to choose just one to shape my career around. Being well-versed in multiple mediums enables me to connect with a wider range of people, have a stylistically diverse portfolio, and keeps me on my toes (and never bored). 

I draw quite a bit of inspiration from my home, San Juan Island and the Pacific Northwest in general; the views here are always stunning in shape and color no matter the time of year. I want to acknowledge that this place I call home is also on unceded Coast Salish territory. As I live and create work here, it is important to me that I do so in respect and support of those who came before me. In addition, as I sell and ship my work, I do my best to make the least negative environmental impact I can by reusing packaging and limiting plastic use. 

Thank you for taking a look at my work! Any pieces available for purchase will have a price listed alongside them, and you can inquire via email on my contact page. 



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